Solid Steps


Our facilities are not just modern and sophisticated but functional in all respects. Among others, our facilities include the following:

  • First class facilities and teaching aids
  • Spacious and air-conditioned classrooms.
  • One teacher to 12 pupils/students ratio to ensure close monitoring.
  • Executive fleet of air-conditioned school buses
  • Computer/ICT laboratory with internet facilities.
  • Well stocked library.
  • Experienced and seasoned teachers.
  • Air-conditioned multi-purpose school hall
  • Installed CCTV for effective supervision, check and resolution.
  • Spacious and carpet grass playing ground with modern gadgets.
  • 24 hours security by trained security operatives.
  • Continuous re-investment in human and material resources.
  • Well equipped laboratories for various subjects and trades.
  • Well equipped Health Embassy (Sick Bay) manned by registered, experience and qualified nurses.
  • 50KVA super sound/noise proof power generator .